Challenge Areas

City in Nature

While Southeast Asia is home to nearly 15% of the world's tropical forests, it is also one of the world’s deforestation hotspots. How can we ensure sufficient greenery for a liveable environment?

Sustainable Living

The world’s food system accounts for a quarter of human-generated green house gases (GHG) each year, with meat and dairy consumption contributing 14.5% of total GHG emissions worldwide. How can we make better lifestyle choices for better impact?

Energy Reset

Southeast Asia has an annual growth rate of almost 4% in energy consumption, which is twice as fast as the rest of the world. How can we enable people to reduce energy consumption or switch to more sustainable means?

Green Economy

With its concentration of industry and people, cities are often plagued by air pollution and traffic jams which pose severe economical and health consequences. How can we help more businesses to go green?

Resilient Future

With low average sea levels and tropical climate, ASEAN countries are frequent victims to flooding. Property and lives are lost when this happens. How can communities safeguard themselves against such disasters?

Open Category

Climate action is all-encompassing, so we welcome you to submit innovative ideas that are outside the challenge areas mentioned.

Monorom Tchaw

Ms Monorom Tchaw


Compost City

Monorom Tchaw is a believer of more recognition, empathy and gratitude towards the people, resources and laws of the universe that enable our existence on this planet.

She accidentally founded Compost City after the project won the Impact Hub Phnom Penh’s 2019 SmartSpark competition focused on environmental solutions and got seed funding to grow the initiative. 

Today, Compost City sells a ready-made balcony composting system, partly as a concrete tool for urban households to take care of their own kitchen waste, and mostly as an excuse to make people reconnect and fall in love with soil and life.

Monorom has been living in Cambodia for over 6 years. She was born and raised in France and her parents are from Cambodia. She gets excited about sharing and tasting any homemade food, cycling, soil life, Non-Violent Communication and learning about other people’s quirks and values.


Ms Lameya Alam

Regional Dialogue and the Fellowship Programme Consultant,

UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub

Lameya Alam is a Youth Advocate from Bangladesh supporting young people to achieve greater impact for the SDGs. She is a social gardener, community builder and facilitator working for youth empowerment, gender equality and climate change. She is currently working with young climate activists across Asia-Pacific through YECAP, an initiative established in 2020 as a safe and inclusive space for youth across Asia and the Pacific to meaningfully engage in climate action.

Lameya is the Co-Founder of SHWARUP, a youth-led community platform dedicated to strengthening youth empowerment and expanding opportunities for the underserved by enacting the SDGs. She also laid the foundation of the Movers programme in Bangladesh, and as a Movers Envoy, she has directly trained over 2300 young people in line with the SDGs and 21st Century Skills in the last year. Lameya has a master’s degree in International Relations from Jahangirnagar University in Bangladesh. 

When she is not working, she volunteers at a local community school to teach youngsters basic English and travels to learn about new cultures.