Participation is entirely free of charge. Just attend with your commitment to make an impact and ensure you have a laptop with a stable internet connection! 

Attendance is strongly encouraged so you can interact with the trainers and ask questions. If you are not able to make a particular event due to extenuating circumstances, do inform us beforehand. Please note that access to recordings is restricted to registered participants only. 

Prior technical experience is not necessary as there will be workshops to support you. In any caseteams should ideally consist of people with diverse skillsets to enhance your learning and maximise your chances of succeeding. 

No. Climate Hack 2021 is a fully virtual event so you can take part in the comfort of your home. 

You can register alone but teamwork and collaboration are encouraged for the submission. Each team should be made up of 2-5 people. Share about our event with your friends to invite them to your team or connect with other interested participants over Discord to form a team together! 

A demo or prototype can come in the form of a mock-upillustrationdiagramvideoapp or website that can help to showcase your idea, in an interactive fashion. Attend our Figma workshop to learn how you can build one – no coding required.